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Amber's Forum

When Amber entered ICU on July 4, 2003, Erin Harrington, the owner and webmaster of S2K-Kidz.Com, started a special forum to provide updates about Amber's condition. Many people, both members and non-members of S2K-Kidz.Com, began to visit Amber's Forum as word spread over the Internet about her accident and her condition. Erin made the forum public so that virtually anyone could stop by to read and/or post to the forum. Naturally, there were many raw emotions and sentiments expressed, and these have been preserved in their original form so that others can experience the shock, the fearful dread, the agonizing pain, and the ultimate grief that everyone experienced as we collectively came to terms with Amber's death. But, more importantly, we hope that you will experience the love that was shown to Amber and to our family as people around the globe shared in the fellowship of our suffering.

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